TheMashaBrand is now Duuuunk


Over some period of time TheMashaBrand has been trying to Re-Invent itself as the great company that produces high quality products.

Re-Inventing itself ment building Freelance Jobs on its website, where Clients can Hire Freelancers to do customizations for them.

And over just a period of 3 months, there are over 7 freelance jobs posted by clients averaging at about $100 and 1 successful hiring of $200.

The Idea

Due to the great 500+ Clients and Developers they have on TheMashaBrand, it will be a bad thing if the Freelance Jobs is not developed properly to cater for everyone's interests.

Now here comes Duuuunk, Duuuunk wants to work on Building a great Freelance Marketplace, A Theme Marketplace and also a Frontend Design Gallery for Frontend Developers(just like Dribbble for Designers).

The future of Duuuunk

Over the coming months, Duuuunk will be working to transform the Platform into a world class business where Duuuunk, the freelance marketplace and a Theme Marketplace work properly.

Accounts on TheMashaBrand

The Accounts on TheMashaBrand will not be affected, it they do we will send a notification on the changes. Just login and Enjoy.

Thank you.


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